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Asplenium nidus - Bird's Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus - Bird's Nest Fern

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This plant produces undivided . lance-shaped fronds with slightly wavy edges which form a distinctive shuttlecock-like effect . arranged in a rosette. They create a really striking silhouette and grow up to 1.5 m in height. It makes a great houseplant . growing well indoors.

The glossy fronds are highly efficient at converting CO2 into oxygen and cleaning the air. It is also one of the longest living pot plants and extremely easy to look after . making it excellent value for money.


Moderate . indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight and deep shade.


Water thoroughly during the growing season but less so in the winter. Keep moist but do not allow to stand in water. Bird Nest Ferns are best watered around the plant . directly onto the soil as watering the center of the plant may cause it to rot.


Cool to average household temperatures between 16-21°C. Keep away from draughts.


Does not like hot . dry conditions . prefers at least some degree of humidity. Mist regularly. Ideal for a bathroom or kitchen. Can also be grown in a terrarium to increase humidity levels.


Does not require a lot of extra feeding. Apply a weak solution occasionally during the growth season.

Care tips:

Remove excess dust with a damp cloth . however take care to avoid tender new fronds. Do not use leaf shine as the fronds are sensitive to chemicals. Rotate your plant if it gets more light from one side . this will help maintain an even shape. 


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