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Hoya Heart Duo & Pots

Hoya Heart Duo & Pots

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Succulents are already pretty cute . but when they're shaped like a heart? That's next level! The Hoya Kerrii duo is full of love and sure to steal the heart of whoever receives it. 

In the wild . this plant can produce small red-pink coloured flowers . but we think it looks beautiful enough as it is. Position on your bedside table or desk to make you smile.

The Hoya Kerrii is native to Asia and the Philippines . where it actually grows as a climbing plant - the beautiful heart-shaped leaves are dotted along its vines . which can grow up to 4 meters long. This lovely plant doesn't need much in order to thrive . making it ideal for new plant parents. Wait until its soil has dried out between watering's - which could take a couple of weeks - and position somewhere with bright . indirect light and it'll be happy. During growing season (spring and summer) . feed your Hoya Kerrii with some plant feed every 2-4 weeks.

Perfectly paired with our plastic elho vibes pots.

How to keep me happy

Light: I like bright indirect light
Water: Let me dry out between watering
Expert level: I'm perfect for those new to plant parenthood
Sizing: W6cm x H10-15cm
I can help you to relax and boost your mood
Pet-Friendly: I'm safe around your furry friends and little people
Latin Name: Hoya Kerrii


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