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potted plant



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Helps the bar to filter toxic substances in the air

It can be said that our generation is the "in-house generation" when almost 90% of us spend time indoors . in offices . in elevators ... It seems that it will help us stay safe and healthier but on the contrary . this lifestyle is potentially more harmful than you think. Some common building materials and ventilation systems emit harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene . as well as other heavy metals. In the long run . this "erodes" your health and has the potential to cause other dangerous diseases such as cancer. According to scientists from NASA . growing indoors . especially ornamental plants such as Peace Lilies . Golden Pothos or Snake Plants in the home can help. filter the air . reduce toxins in the air.

Help us work more productively

A lot of studies show that working near trees helps us improve our ability to focus . improve our memory . from which productivity increases many times. According to research from the University of Michigan . placing a tree on a desk helps memory capacity increase by 20%. Not just at your desk . you can plant plants indoors in any position . so that each place can inspire you to work.

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