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Schefflera on Lava Rock | Schefflera Bonsai Tree

Schefflera on Lava Rock | Schefflera Bonsai Tree

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Schefflera growing on porous lava rock is a remarkable sight to behold. The plant's roots stretch out and cling to the rough surface of the stone . absorbing water and nutrients directly from the porous material. This unique growing medium allows for excellent drainage . promoting healthy root growth and preventing the plant from becoming waterlogged.

The Schefflera's foliage is lush and green . with leaves that are glossy and thick. The plant has a bushy growth habit . with multiple stems branching out from the base. The overall appearance of the plant is striking . with its vibrant foliage contrasting beautifully against the dark . porous surface of the lava rock.

This method of growing Schefflera on lava rock is particularly advantageous because it eliminates the need for soil. Soil-based growing media can be heavy and bulky . making it difficult to move or transport the plant. In contrast . the lava rock is lightweight and easy to handle . making it an ideal choice for growers who need to move their plants frequently.

In addition to being practical . Schefflera growing on lava rock is also aesthetically pleasing. The contrast between the glossy green leaves and the rough . porous surface of the stone creates a striking visual effect that can enhance the overall beauty of any room or outdoor space.

Overall . growing Schefflera on porous lava rock is an excellent option for anyone looking to cultivate healthy . vibrant plants in a unique and visually stunning way

The Umbrella Plant or Schefflera plant makes a wonderful indoor plant gift.  We'll even deliver it along with a free handwritten card - include your gift message at the basket stage of the checkout . and we'll do the rest. We won't include any telltale paperwork either!

How to Grow and Care For Schefflera on lava rock

This plant is easy to care for always ensure the dish has water!

Where should I put this plant?

Umbrella plants can tolerate bright but indirect light . not full sun. They will also thrive in low light.  


Should I feed it?

You can feed once a month during spring and summer with liquid plant food. Try our vegan . organic plant food. Simply add to the water.

What size is this plant?

14cm x 30cm

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