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Snake Plant & Pot

Snake Plant & Pot

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A very hardy and low maintenance houseplant . Snake Plants are very tolerant of occasional (unintentional) neglect! Native to tropical West Africa from Nigeria east to the Congo. According to NASA it is one of the best plants for improving air quality . removing toxins such as formaldehyde . ammonia and carbon monoxide from the air . this makes it an ideal home and office plant. It has distinctive long upright leaves with yellow edges and is paired with a perfectly fitting ribbed ceramic pot.

How to Keep me Happy

Light: I like bright indirect light . but am ok in shadier spots
Water: Water me when my top 2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch
Expert level: I'm perfect for those new to plant parenthood
Sizing: W12cm x H30-40cm
Air purifying: I remove the nasties lurking in your room
Pet-friendly: Keep me out of reach of furry friends and little people
Also known as: Sansevieria laurentii . Mother in Laws Tongue

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